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The ASSEMBLER SURVIVAL GUIDE for SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS is a project I started a while back. It is a book, a guide for the systems programmer in particular that must deal with assembler code from time to time - whether he or she knows much about assembler programming or not. A "Just enough to get you by" sort of a manual, hopefully it won't turn out to be a "Just enough rope to hang yourself with" sort of manual.

Like I said, it is intended to introduce a new systems programmer with no real experience with assembler (hlasm) coding or the general concepts and practices necessary to perform basic tasks. It is aimed specifically at systems programmers using assembler (hlasm), and so does not waste time with I/O techniques for DB2, nor does it introduce any CICS concepts, it is not designed for the applications programmer novice, but I suppose they could certainly benefit from it as well.

I will be posting the table of contents, and from time to time I will post entire sections of the book as I work on them. I will expect comments back from those who decide to read what I have posted. Considering today's internet, I will probably get plenty of comments whether I ask for them or not, but in any case all constructive comments are certainly welcome.

Assuming I do 'break even' on my time and investment with this first book I already plan to write a follow up book for the 'real systems programmer', the one who needs to dig into the MVS system and feel comfortable tripping through the control blocks and using the superb, if sometime cryptic, facilities that MVS provides to anyone who can execute code in an authorized environment. Everything from basic re-entrant coding techniques to the design of a basic service address space that uses cross memory PC calls to receive requests for work and to post results back to the caller. Of course, that could all change, I haven't even seen if there is any real interest in the first book, much less a follow on book.

Please Bookmark This Page! and come back from time to time, see what I have posted, then play the book critic for a few minutes... It will be appreciated.

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