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In this section you will find an index to a list of Assembler (hlasm) articles that I think will be helpful to assembler programmers. I hesitate calling them articles, for the most part, they will not have been published, but they like the first item are just way too long to be included in the tip of the month section, and will almost always have code examples, or be based in assembler code, or coding techniques. I will try to add regularly to this section, and if you have some assembler based artile that you feel strongly about, let me know - drop me a line (see the link at the bottom of the page?) and if I can I will include your HLASM based 'article' along with those that I write. I will of course give you credit for anything that you submit. That certainly would make being published (if you can call it being published) a lot easier than the first time I had a technical article published.

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Here is the list, you must select an individual item to read it - you can't simply scroll past this list to the articles.

The MYTH of MIPS  

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