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These are the The McColley Systems Software FAVORITE assembler related LINKs. These sites have been put into a VERY ROUGH initial sort. I will try to organize them a bit better after I have a few more! There is a link at the end of the page if you have a suggestion for new links, or need to report a bad link.

    I.B.M. LINKS -------------------------------------------------------------
  . HLASM Library IBM's High Level Assembler (HLASM) and Toolkit Feature Books
  . Technical FLASHes Combined site for WSC and Networking Systems Flashes, tech white papers, FAQs
  . IBM: z/OS Internet Library IBMs z/OS Internet Library with the most current Documentation
  . IBM LINK Signon IBMs registration Signon
  . Redbooks International Technical Support publications (On line catalog and select excerpts)
  . ABCs of z/OS ABCs of z/OS System programming - REDBOOK Search for "ABCs of z/OS"
  . IBM Magazine The IBM Systems Magazine Mainframe edition
    BASIC REFERENCE LINKS -------------------------------------------------------------
  . Structured HLASM Structured Assembler Language Programming Using HLASM - (Not your Father's Assembler Language)
  . UNOFFICIAL HLASM detailed information about each 370 instruction in a WEB format.
  . Call HLASM from JAVA How to Call HLASM routines from JAVA
    Samples and Other Stuff -------------------------------------------------------------
  . CBT Tape Sam Golob's Wonderful CBT TAPE site (great place for assembler source)
  . CF Policy Util See the article stating on page 71 "Punching policy statements..." I wrote this..
  . Protect your Code See the article stating on page 10 "Drop-in RACF security, for your in-house utilities." Another one of mine.
  . PDS Member Descriptions See the article stating on page 39 "Individual descriptions for PDS members...." Another one of mine.
  . Share Conference Dedicated to providing the ETI professionals with continuous education and training
  . WAVV Conference Similar to Share - but for VSE VM and LINUX dedicated to continuous education and training
  . Planet MVS David Alcock"s Excellent Site
  . Mark Zelden Mark Zelden's MVS Utilities Page - Lots of good stuff!
  . GSF Tools & Docs Gilbert Saint-Flour's Tools and Docs page - Free and Commercial
    EMULATORS ! -------------------------------------------------------------
  . Hercules Hercules System/370, ESA/390 and z Emulator
  . Z390 ASM z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator project (PMAEP?)
    SAILING ! -------------------------------------------------------------
  . Sailing Texas It is not HLASM - IT REALLY IS SAILING and BOATS! I have to do something when I'm done working!

At the request of Mr. R. Kitz, (taxpayer and voter) I am adding a few REXX links - REXX samples can serve as good skeletons for future ASSEMBLER routines!

    REXX and REXX related Sites -------------------------------------------------------------
  . Frank Clarke Frank Clarke's REXX Tools Page!!
  . REXX LA The REXX Language Association page
  . Hursely REXX The REXX page at IBM Hursley - lots of links
  . Lyonel B. Dyck OS390 and z/OS Freeware - ISPF and REXX Tools
  . CapitalWare REXX and os/390 sample code
  . Algorythyms Album of Algorithms and Techniques for Standard REXX by VLADIMIR ZABRODSKY
  . Texas Rock Mainframe REXX examples

If you know of other sites you want us to add, Or to report a broken link etc.
Drop me a line using THIS LINK if your e-mail program is on THIS PC


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