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If you are interested in helping to prep this great product for final distribution, just contact us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

The "Enhanced Shared Spool Mods" is the long awaited commercial version of the Shared Spool Mods, but it is MUCH more than a simple replacement!
    ESSM provides it's users with relational job control to better control when a job is available for execution and upon which LPARS within a Multi-Access Spool (MAS) environment a job will be selected for execution. This gives whoever codes the JCL tremendous additional control over when their job will execute in relation to other jobs in the system, or in relation to the other jobs in their own job-stream, far beyond simple job class or SCHENV= keywords to which they are normally limited.

Through ESSM JCL statements a programmer can also intentionally delay his jobs execution a fixed length of time, or until a specific time of day. When the automation job routing feature of ESSM has been enabled, jobs requiring specific routing for those features are handled automatically by the system relieving the programmer of the need to even be aware of any routing restrictions for his or her jobs.

The Enhanced Shared Spool Mods or ESSM for short will support all of the old Shared Spool Mods functionality as well as the control statements and functionality of the DJC product that is no longer supported by its owner. The ESSM product also supports the complex job scheduling capabilities provided by JES3 via the //*NET statements. So, ESSM is a reasonably priced alternative to the Shared Spool Mods product, the DJC product, and is also an excellent conversion aid to shops converting from JES3 to JES2!
But it does much more than to simply support old features in abandoned or obsolete products!

"Enhanced Shared Spool Mods" or ESSM also provides an Automatic Job Routing facility. This one important feature can


not just make your shop more flexible, and easier to manage!

Automatic Job Routing, coupled with a feature of ESSM called Program Execution Preventer or PEP can be used by administrative personnel to identify products that will only be executable on specific member of a sysplex, while automatically routing all batch work that requires the product or products to the correct system or systems.

Think about that for just a second! With this product you can automatically route all jobs that use a particularly expensive product or executable to a smaller footprint within your environment, and with the use of PEP you can ensure that no one ever 'accidentally' starts up a copy of the executable on a system it is not intended to be run on, they would not even be able to call it from within TSO/ISPF on a restricted system. Do you think that you could find a use for such a feature?

When it comes time to re-negotiate your very expensive software maintenance and licensing fees? Could you negotiate a better deal if you could guarantee that the product whose maintenance fees are probably based on the size of the footprint they will used in, was suddenly cut in half?

What if you could limit the LPARs where the product could run without making a single JCL change? (or JCL error) No conversion time required, just an administrative adjustment made through a familiar ISPF based interface.

Without even getting into a single contract, or dealing with any money, what if you could absolutely guarantee that the latest version of a test product could never be executed outside of the test environment even if it is installed on all of your production systems? How much grief could it cause if a new, unstable, not completely configured product accidentally became available in the production environment?

How about ease of use? Ever heard of ISPF, I know you have, that's why we used an ISPF interface to perform the administrative tasks associated with the product.

You don't like to IPL? Well, neither do we, so you can install, customize, activate, and administer ESSM, though that comfortable and familiar ISPF based interface, without ever needing an IPL, although activating the ESSM product is recommended for ESSM so that restricted or fenced products are properly controlled - even from very early in the IPL process.

Did you ever have to tell your production control or programmers performing testing that the complex control of their job streams just had to be handled manually because JES2 doesn't provide for that level of control? Well, that is no longer true with ESSM! With ESSM you can setup complex multi-job relationships, such as - Jobs J1 through J9 that have to run with the following restrictions - J1, J2, and J3 must all run first, they can but are not required to run concurrently. J4 can only start after jobs J2 and J3 both complete. J5 can run only after jobs J1 and J2 complete. J6 and J7 must run concurrently, but not until after J5 has been completed for 1 hour. J8 will run only if any of the jobs (J1 - J7) completed with a return code greater than zero. J9 will run, but only if any of the previous jobs have abended.

Well, if that was not complex enough for you, how about if you can now code for one Software of userids to be notified if the jobs run successfully, and another to be notified if they run unsuccessfully? How about if you can notify them via email instead of through TSO NOTIFY? How about if you need to specify more than one scheudling environment? Yes, you can do all of that with ESSM control statements.

There are plenty of additional features! But why not ask for a FREE evaluation copy now?

Here's something else our competition doesn't do. They don't like to tell you the price of their product before you try it out.
Well, here is the Pricing scheme for the ESSM product; the price is just 49K for the first CEC (physical processor), and 25K for additional CEC's (physical processor) - Disaster Recovery environments are free.

Unlike virtually all software vendors, our software maintenance and support fees are FIXED . That means when you succeed and grow your business to the point that you need to upgrade your processor, swapping it out for a faster one, or turning on more engines in your current footprint, your increase in maintenance and licensing fees for the ESSM product will be $00.00 - that is not a typo - we do not adhere to the industry standard practice of increasing your licensing or maintenance fees every time your processor grows!

It's just not right and we won't do it, period.

Here is a somewhat more complete list of features in the ESSM product. ESSM is still in development so if you get a request in to us early enough, YOUR REQUIREMENTs can be added to this list! If not for the current version of the product, surely for the next.

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