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About us! - Before we get to basic resume information, I need to say that what McColley Systems Software is currently engaged in is the development of a z/OS HLASM assembler based system product that can be used to reliably route jobs within a Multi-access Spool, or within an NJE network, based on resources specified in the JCL or executables pointed to by PGM= or PROC= statements. This allows for automatic job routing to be placed in the hands of the operations and management staff and relieves the programmer of the need to know, or the requirement to use special routing JCL or JECL statements.

A job submitted on a system where this new product is installed will be automatically routed -only- to systems where the programs and other resouces it requires have been defined to exist.

You may be able to negotiate reduce price contracts for your program products that can be reliably restiricted to run on fewer lpars, or fewer concurrent lpars than they currently do. The declaration of restricted program products can be done easily and dynamically in a matter of minutes via a simple ISPF based interface. In addition this new and fully supported product will be able to completely and transparently replace any current needs for the Mellon Shared Spool Mods. For more information go to my ESSM Enhanced Shared Spool Mods Page. If any of you have used the JES2 Shared Spool Mods in the past, I have been the one who has actually been providing the code for the CBT tape since about 1995 and I am (or was recently) working on a R12 version of the Mellon Shared Spool Mods for the CBT tape. Until recently I was employed by a large regional bank and was only allowed to work on the Shared Spool Mods based on the Bank's needs and the upgrade schedule of that organization. I fully expect that to all change now that I am working for myself. As long as I have a system to do testing and refitting on, I will do my best to keep the Shared Spool Mods up to date.

OK, that being said - I also provide consulting services for your hlasm assembler needs. For right now, I am the only part of "US or WE" But being a one-man shop is something that can literally change overnight if needed. So, if you need just a week's worth of work, or several years, I can probably help. When it seems a good fit, and the volume and current state of maintenance of the body of assembler code in a shop lend itself to a maintenance contract, I can sometimes offer an annual maintenance contract for YOUR ASSEMBLER code.

I currently live in the Southeastern US - the Atlanta area - and prefer to work within that general area, give or take a state or two, when my presence at your site is requred for an extended length of time. Generally I prefer to work on-site with a new client for the first few weeks, or until they are comfortable with my work habits, thereafter I prefer to consult / work remotely from my base in the Atlanta area.

Feel free to Contact Us.

Now, on to the resume style information -

Stephen McColley - a Senior z/OS Systems Programmer with over
35 years experience and a heavy emphasis in Assembler Programming






SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Georgia
1/96 - 4/11 Systems Programmer 4 - Mainframe Operating Systems


All in-house systems code and exits. Several z/OS and os/390 system installs, and training others in the same process. SMP/e maintenance as needed, including writing internal USERMODS for special purposes. Responsible for extensive customization of JES2, including an extensive suite of exits that included the Mellon Shared Spool Mods which can be found on the MVS CBT tape. (I didn't simply install them, I updated / revised them for the CBT tape, for about 15 years.) Responsible for regular reviews and tuning of major systems components, such as GRS, XCF, JES2, etc. Documentation of all internally used and externally supported utilities. Implementation of new system features as needed - i.e. Workload Managed Initiators, Standalone dump, GDPS, etc. Troubleshooting systems problems, and SVC dumps - I handled virtually all standalone dumps myself. Overseeing disaster recovery exercises utilizing GDPS/XRC. Reviewing and perparing recommendations for new systems software and hardware products.

Major Accomplishments-

Lead Systems Programmer on several Operating system installations and training for others. I worked on the build-out of several new LPARs. Maintained all z/OS and JES2 system exits and code, including the Mellon Shared spool mods, which I completely rewrote so that they were implemented via standard JES2 exits.
I have been published twice in MVS UPDATE and once in RACF UPDATE, magazines from XEPHON Publishing. I was the Lead MVS systems programmer on a successful datacenter move in 2004.
I was frequently 'tapped' to manage 'hot' or 'critical' projects. I developed a full function service address space to provide common system services for in-house utility code.

Kemet Electronics, Simpsonville SC
4/90 - 12/95 Senior Systems Programmer


Primary responsibiliteds included installation and maintenance of all network software, VTAM, NETVIEW, NCP, EP, SSP, HCF, XCOM6.2. Maintenance and installation of CA90s, ACF2, SDSF, TSO/E, ISPF, and other MVS software as required.
Responsible for all in-house systems code and exits, including SMF, JES2, VTAM, and Netview exits, and variaous systems utilities including an in-house MVS subsystem.
Collateral responsibilities included installation and maintenance of MVS/ESA, software and hardware selection and recommendations, analyzing and troubleshooting all SVC and standalone dumps, as well as all MVS related problems.
I also filled in as the only backup for our other MVS systems programmer, and our IDMS DBA sometimes for months at a time.

Major Accomplishments-

Development and implementation of a formal subsystem used for automation, and to buffer our online and batch programmers from the details of bar-code printing to various printer solutions.
Managed the network as we evolved from an isolated single domain network to an international SNI gateway capable network with true any-to any connectivity between all of our platforms. Developed and implemented an output archieval and review system that interfaced with an incident and problem system which I also developed while at Kemet.

Leland Consulting Inc, Atlanta Ga
4/89 - 4/90 Senior Systems Programmer


Upgrades to MVS/XA, installation and upgrades to MVS/ESA and associated system products. Placement on the DOS to MVS conversion team, as the primary systems's programmer resource. MVS trouble shooting. Support for clients with problmes relating to Leland Software products.

Worthy of Mention-

I was sent to BOSH inc. in Charleston SC on a 2 week contract, and was kept for over six months.

Michelin Tire Co., Greenville SC
3/86 - 4/89 Senior Systems Programmer


Upgrades to MVS/XA, installation and upgrades to MVS/ESA and associated products. Analyzing / trouble shooting all SVC and standalone dumps. Original installs of DISOSS, PS/370, PM, IDMS 10.2, ACF2 5.0, CICS 1.6.1, and specific tuning and exit requirements for those products.
I directly supervised 1 individual, writing job descriptions and apparaisals, distributing work assignments, writing Software quarterly and annual goals, and objectives. Monitoring goals and objectives and reporting results to managment.
Support of all non-netowrk systems packages, alone or with others.
Systems measurement and tuning.
Writing operational procedures, evaluation and selection of hardware and systems software. Strategic positioning for disaster recovery.

Major Accomplishments-

Successful datacenter relocation in 1988.

Turner Construction Co., New York, NY
3/84 - 1/86 Senior Systems Programmer


First installation of MVS/SP 1.3.3, JES2, VTAM, CICS, MSNF, first system generation for this company.
Conversion of multiple systems running DOS/VSE under VM to a single native MVS system.
SMF and JES2 exit routines to facilitate in-house accounting requirements, and to enforce system standards. Provided documentation and training to operations and other systems programmers. Established MVS systems standards.
Evaluated and recommended vendor products for in-house systems use including: UCC1(DUO), UCC2(TMS), TOP SECRET, and Ommegamon. Converted systems programs from DOS to MVS.

Major Accomplishments-

Sucessful conversion from DOS/VSE systems to MVS/SP.
I setup literally everyghing at this shop, standards, conversion utilities, documentation, and training.

New York Shipping Association, New York, NY
6/82 - 3/84 Systems Programmer


SMp/4, SMP/E, and non-SMP maintenance, for vendor programs.
ISPF maintenance and customization
I/O generations.
CICS table maintenance.
Installation of a 3270 based spreadsheet program.
Developing in-house utilities to provide for DASD dataset management, and reporting.

Major Accomplishments-

I designed and developed my first real system utility programs at this job.

Automatic Data Processing, Clifton, NJ
2/79 - 6/82 Application Programmer (2 yrs.) Systems Programmer (1 Yr.)


Provided maintenance for accounting and payroll net systems. All work was done in BAL.
SMP/4, maintenance and maintenance of in-house BAL systems programs.
assisted in I/O generations, and assisted in problem determination.

Education -

      Pensacola Jr. College  1973-1975
      Jacksonville University 1975-1977

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Remember -

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