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NEW ! ! - The FEATURES LIST for ESSM - Enhanced Shared Spool Mods - is being finalized! Check the ESSM! page for details, or to add your own requrest for new features. See the ESSM! link for more info!

NEW ! ! - We are now offering annual support contracts for the Mellon Shared Spool Mods, check the Shared Spool Mods link for more info!

The McColley Systems Software Incs. is a firm specializing in "All Things Assembler" that is, we provide assembler code (HLASM) and all that that entails. Just like the heading above says "our little corner of the web" - ASSEMBLER coding is our little corner of mainframe operating system support. It is a small corner, but we like it, and we like to think we handle it very well. It includes exits, utilities, system modifications and even full products for our MAINFRAME based clients. We can help whether you need new systems designed using assembler code, or are in the process of trying to get rid of old asembler system based utilities, or maybe you just have one old HLASM based utility or exit that stopped working with the last operating system upgrade. We can provide the HLASM (assembler) expertise you need, for anything from writing a simple macro, to a new and fully functional service address space, whatever your needs, "IF IT'S ASSEMBLER" we can help!

We do not work with midrange, or PC based systems - there are no web designers here (can't you tell!) - BUT - if you need someone to modify your mainframe operating system (z/OS, VM, VSE), diagnose dumps, or design and code exits and utilities that must be done in assembler language - BOOKMARK THIS PAGE - we can help. Even if you have been told "THAT CAN NOT BE DONE", let us know what 'THAT' is, and we can probably find an acceptable way to handle it for you. The apparently impossible is always a great challenge, and one that we have frequently overcome.

We know that many shops are concerned about the assembler code that they already have, the resources to maintain it are getting scarce, and it is time consuming and potentially very dangerous to maintain or modify. Many shops see potential problems that only get worse as time goes by, and they want nothing to do with 'more' assembler in their shops. If this describes you - then please ask us to come in and give you a hand. We can start with a through research and documentation effort, that will end in thorough formal documentation for your existing code along with solid recommendations to deal appropriately with your portfolio of assembler code. You may be able to simply eliminate many existing programs or exits, others will have to be kept, still others probably need security or reliability features added. After a thorough review and documentation effort is completed, and depending on the volume of code and how maintainable it is, we may be able to offer you a workday, or 24 X 7 annual maintenance contract for your existing code.

Regardless of what your needs are - please, take some time to wander around in 'our little corner' we may be able give you a 'tip of the month' that you find helpful - you may find a code snippet to help you do something unusual - you may even become interested in our consulting services.... Who knows? Anyway, have a good time, snag some guilt free code - I want you to take it, and come back often.

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